"From the start, my journey was seeded from curiosity in finding easier pathways and answers. That is always my goal in helping others...to distill assessable solutions. This is my gift." 


I've been a naturalist, yogi, spiritual and wellness coach for 25 years.

The convergence of the mind, body, and spirit is my deepest passion and oldest friend.

I love sharing and teaching what I know and what I love in easy and assessable translations.

This is my gift.


I absolutely love finding solutions and understanding puzzles...understanding how things can elevate or be better with the right solutions. Especially with an intuitive approach.

A mindset that has been with me from the start.

Growing up I was always taking things apart to understand how they worked, investigating, and then re-creating. Everything from hand radios and phones to recipes and planning for large parties. It was all a mystery to be discovered.

My passion for wellness lifestyle started with my first real job at 15 as a fitness and health coach. From that point on it was an obsession...learning passionately about different styles of fitness and exercise and incorporating them with nutrition and how the body works. Personal health needs over the years only fueled me further to dive deeper and find solutions, naturally after hitting dead ends with modern medicine. Healthy whole foods became my medicine.

At the same time, I was delving deep into spiritual practices and research. Integrating intuitive health, healing, and development with wellness and lifestyle brought all of these passions together full circle. Over the next 20 years had the privilege of studying and working with integrative nutritionalists, Chinese herbalists, acupuncturists, spiritual healers, renowned health + wellness leaders, speakers + thought-leaders, gurus, and coaches.


In my other life, as a business consultant, I was able to merge worlds consulting on 

partnerships and working with product development teams for major vitamin brands.

Having the opportunity to work with internationally sourced plants, herbs, and raw materials used to create vitamins and supplements for well-being and healing opened my sphere and further. 

Being able to assimilate all that I have learned and experienced into practical, easy, and assessable solutions for others looking for support, elevation, or answers is my life purpose... and my deepest passion. Thank you for being here!

Rooted in transformational integrations, Georgiana is a certified yoga teacher, reiki master, ayurvedic practitioner, life transformation + natural living coach, sound therapist, meditation, and mindfulness teacher, creator of the Trauma Reprogramming Technique (TRT), and hosts trainings and workshops in transformation, clean living, sound healing, soul healing, and manifesting. 

Teaching transformations, Empowering others on their journeys, Animals, Travel, Family + Friends, and Luxe natural beauty are her personal passions.​







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