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Founder + CEO

Wellness, Business, and Transformation Expert.


Her life lead her to studies and work with masters around the world in natural health, wellness, yoga, meditation, and deep life transformation.


Formerly, Georgiana spent 20+  years as a business & brand strategist scaling start-ups and working in private equity. Her greatest passion being helping others realize their own empowerment, and teaching  tools to simplify and unlock the journey.

She hosts the podcast "In The Calm," and leads trainings and workshops in life & business transformation, clean living, soul healing, and manifesting.

Georgiana Alexander’s unique perspective & coaching style combines leadership strategy, science, and spirituality to help you learn how to access, define, and reach every single goal and desire that you have (known and unknown) for your business, finances, relationships, and health.


She brings her 28 year background in business strategy and leadership coaching, in combination with her knowledge and expertise as a master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner, Reiki Master, Sound Therapist, Holistic Coach, Trauma Informed 500hr RYT Yoga & Pilates Teacher, Emotional Freedom Technique Master, 8 Clair Intuitive, and Master Success Coach to guide you to a whole new reality in every area of your life!


Georgiana is known for blending her own style, intuition and her insatiable thirst for knowledge on subjects like health & wellness, entrepreneurship & leadership, metaphysics, quantum physics, the subconscious mind, sound therapy, and spirituality to give you the most effective strategies to get your out of your head, into your heart…and seeing results like you’ve never seen before.


Her work EMPOWERS.

You will show up for yourself in ways you did’t know possible and reach goals you may or may not have even realized you wanted. It’s in Georgiana’s expertise and unique perspective that she trail-blazes in one of a kind coaching methodologies and programs.




My Story



Virgo Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Aries Rising (August 31, 1979)

Visionary + Entrepreneur Dharma - Vata/Pitta Doshas

Projector 3/5 with Emotional Authority

ENFJ- Briggs Meyers

Enneagram Type 3 (the Achiever) with 3w2 wing.

I’m a Quantum Intuitive;

a generational/ life-long psychic, intuitive, empath, medium and channel.



My “spiritual awakening” has been it's own journey…

I have never NOT been awake to all my gifts. But, we all have a journey!


My journey was more about owning who I am fully, refining to make it easier to function,  and aligning to show up in the world the way I’ve been called to do so… This is my awakening.

Head first deep dive into life, quantum playgrounds, and universal explorations since 1979 (human side). It's these understanding and experiences that gifts me with the perspective and vision of how to best structure companies, how to help people align their lives for best outcomes and give easily accessible tools to get deep long-lasting impact.

I have LIVED this.


I've lived adventures, risk-taking, heart break, grief, healing, trauma, huge success across countless sectors, exploring every creative possibility, deep diving into all the questions, and desires…. I've gotta say, it's been pretty extraordinary.

When I began realizing that people were looking for how to show up for their own inner callings... I decided to step into creating Chaos & Calm.

I knew it was the right time to share the perspective and tools that I have spent my lifetime unfolding & creating… all to make others life easier AND way more fun! It had been calling me a long time...so actually, that calling pushed me into starting.

When I was 10, I was shown a vision of this community I was to build. I was shown the vision of a global community, linked with love, growth, expansion, and fulfillment at the core of its heart-beat. Linked in wholeness & love.

I haven’t always known exactly how I was meant to bring this vision to life. It took showing up for each piece along the way (and a ton of other fun explorations in the process)…but clarity and calling are worth the work, the action, and the journey! We keep going...

And here we are loves! Thank you for finding your way to this space, this collective, and this community! You are sooo MEANT to be here! 

All my Love-