Power in Presence: Imbolc New Moon in Aquarius

Imbolc New Moon in the Magical Zodiac sign of Aquarius

By Jasmine Grace Zahara

Dear Ones,

We have reached the cosmic energy portal which is 01/02/2022 – 02/02/2022!

We have the New Moon in the magical Zodiac sign of Aquarius.

The Celtic festival of Imbolc is from dawn on 01/02/2022 until dusk on 02/02/2022.

Imbolc is a Pagan holiday traditionally celebrated from 1st February through to Sunset on 2nd February. Imbolc marks the halfway point between winter solstice and the spring equinox. Also, the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Tiger on 01 / 02/ 2022 !

All of these wonderful cosmic events offer us Bright New Beginnings!

The New Moon in the Astrological sign of Aquarius, is one of the most auspicious New Moons of this year, signaling a profound and magical time to tune into the energies of her luminous mystical presence. This is a New Moon of Alchemy, Magic, Action and Expansion. It is a time of gathering together, your gifts of abundance, creativity, and power.

The energies are very clear right now and you can intuitively tune into your visions and ambitions at a deeper level and vision your pathway ahead. The energies for 2022 guide us to live, think, and act in the now, from a place of grounded intuition. A cosmic portal of inspiration has opened, it is a time of deep insight and expansion. This New Moon will guide us all to view our lives from a different perspective.

Our lives may also receive a shake-up under this new lunar cycle and we may find ourselves walking a path we didn’t expect to find ourselves, and while this new moon carries the energies of new beginnings and expansion, it also holds an energy quality of underlying tension from the planets of Saturn and Uranus, this energy will quickly dissipate, enabling positive movement forward.

This Imbolc New Moon occurs Tuesday 1st February at 05:47 GMT, London, UK and 00:47 ET, New York, 16:47 AEDT, Sydney / Melbourne, Australia and on Monday 31st January at 21:47 PT, LA, USA.

Aquarius, symbolized by the water bearer, and the element of Air.

The sign of Aquarius rules the blood circulation. Aquarius is the sign of humanity, and the groups to which we belong; spiritual, national, political, friendships and family. The energies of Aquarius can help us seek higher perspectives and help us align ourselves in service to humanities highest visions.

Aquarius is a wonderful sign to assist your connection with groups. Aquarius is an humanitarian sign, so this month is a good time to re-connect with your friends and reach out within your social circles, or attend social or business events, or larger gatherings to seek out your tribe. It is also the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Tiger, representing strength and courage. The energy influence of the Tiger will assist you to see clearly into your future, take risks and follow your heart!

During this time, we are also influenced by the Jupiter, Neptune conjunction in Pisces, offering us the opportunity for deep insight, psychic sight and allowing us to see beyond the illusion. With all of these new beginnings, it is time to bring our lives into alignment using the powerful manifestation qualities of this wonderful Aquarius New Moon! We have the power right now, and throughout this lunar cycle, to create our goals, and begin to manifest our highest dreams. The time is now, can you feel the crystal clear energies today? This is one of the most powerful manifesting energy portals of this year.

This is a time of progressive energy shifts during this lunar cycle, and we have great dynamic energy coming in for us right now. If we can gather our energies into the present moment, from an intuitive heart centered space, our future will be even more powerful. Power is always in the present moment, and it is the present moment that shapes our future.

Power in Presence

It is time to stop looking to the past, or projecting our energies too far into the future. As in the deeply powerful and prophetic work of Eckhart Tolle in ‘The Power of Now', if we can remain deeply present in the current moment, we will awaken our inherent talents and gifts, and bring these forth, shining our inner essence in this moment on planet Earth. We can achieve our goals, if we connect with the energy and opportunities available to us at this time.

It is a good time to clear some space for personal reflection during this week and lunar cycle ahead. This New Moon in Aquarius is the perfect time to create your intentions and send energy out into the universe. You can ask yourself; What are my talents and gifts? What difference could I make to the world? What revitalizes and rejuvenates my soul, mind and body? Working with affirmations is a powerful daily practice. You can create, read, speak out loud a daily affirmation, to clarify your thought processes and calm your emotions. You’ve got this!

The message of this New Moon is to ‘open new pathways to new ways of being’. This is a New Moon of Expansion and forward movement and action. If we begin something during this New Moon period, it has a greater chance of success and luck on its side, alike the qualities of the Tiger; strength, beauty, confidence, independence, perception and clear foresight. You can believe in your dreams at this time, and know that everything is possible. Now is the time to step out of your comfort zone and create and manifest your visions and dreams. If you have been thinking of beginning a project, or if you have been experiencing challenges within a situation in your life, this is a wonderful New Moon to take action, and to reach out for cosmic and practical assistance.

You could draw a mind map and gain insight into the emotions and dreams that you wish to create. Allow your aspirations for community to draw you closer to either creating that space for yourself, or joining a group that feels visionary and future-oriented to you, and channel your mental energy into something that re-connects you with who you are.

The focus over the coming weeks is expansion and connection. Feeling the support that is all around you, both on the earthly plane, from the angelic realms, and support from our guardian helpers, which are around you, at this time, waiting to assist you, just ask for their help, you are not alone, and you have the strength of the universe supporting your evolution at this exciting time.

This magical Aquarius New Moon is truly one of the most powerful of the year and will be helping all of us to elevate to the next level. This is the perfect time to give energy to ideas and visions. It is also important to focus upon physical health at this time to assist the physical body to align to the higher light energies that are available to us now, we can begin a fresh, cleansing new lunar energy cycle, leaving behind any unhealthy habits or behaviors. You can use this time to choose and create your visions and dreams and create new opportunities. You can make the impossible possible. At this time of the Aquarius New Moon, pay attention to any new insights, thoughts or feelings that emerge for you. Are there any messages coming through? Do you notice any signs in your life?

The time is now to make some decisive moves forward towards your goals. You can ask yourself:

  • What actions can I take now towards my goals?

  • What are my true priorities at this time?

  • What will I achieve this year, and what can I do now to take steps towards my dreams?

  • How can I move forward with joy and create abundance in all areas of my life?

The time is now!

You are being called to activate your gifts and shine your light into the world with love. This is a powerful lunar cycle of transformation, abundance, magic and miracles. Now is the perfect time to dream big, and set strong intentions, with this New Moon in Aquarius, activating your deep psychic powers and insight, during this magical cosmic lunar portal, you can have a deeply creative cycle during the weeks ahead. You can access your inner power and inner strength. This is a good time to remain positive, think positive heart opening thoughts, for the time is now, to stand up and be recognized for the amazing soul that you are!

During this New Moon in Aquarius, you can create and manifest all of your hopes, goals & dreams. 2022 will be a year of living fully present in the moment!

Be bold and shine your bright light into the world, for humanity needs Your strength and unique gifts at this time of expansion and great cosmic awakening!

Imbolc Blessings!

Love & Light,

Jasmine x


Jasmine Grace Zahara is a Modern Mystic, Moonologist, Oracle, Crystal Channel, International Teacher, MSc Healer, Reader and, Cosmic Energy Guide.

Jasmine Grace is a highly regarded International Teacher, and respected Workshop Facilitator. She is founder of her own college Somerset, UK.

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